Career Advancement Spell


Get the Job You Want, Progress Your Career, Harmony at Work, Rise To Challenges, Beat the Competition – Cast by Natural Witch and Highly Experienced Occultist


Drawing from a diverse combination of ancient energies, the wisdom of occult masters, and my own unique and highly effective interpretation of a vast selection of magickal workings, rituals and rites, this powerful spell removes obstacles and creates the opportunity for you to succeed in your career and get the job you want or achieve the progress you desire in your current working environment.

The casting works in tandem with your energies to allow the power created by the spell to fuse with your subconscious from where the casting will evolve and your desires manifest to become a reality.

Please include your full name and date of birth. Where others are involved, please include any of their personal details of which you are aware. Images may be submitted for inclusion where appropriate though are not essential to my work.

You are purchasing a spell that I will cast on your behalf. You will receive a digital file via email to confirm the casting of your spell.


  1. This spell gives impeccable results! I have always had a great career, though which I gained years of qualifications and professional experience. I had a great reputation and have always tried to help people with all my resources. But all of the sudden things just turned against me, and I lost my job. Then, due to unforeseen and sometimes ridiculous circumstances, I wasn’t able to find a stable and financially secure job ever since. That was for seven years. So I turned to the store owner who recommended this spell to help me with my career and sure enough, since she performed it for me, I once again step on a solid ground. The contract job that I held got extended for another year. I am viewed with respect and am valued by my colleagues and superiors. I have been even feeling that other things are brewing for me and I am confident I will only continue forward in my career. One again, I am back at the time where I felt I am contributing and doing something meaningful.

  2. returning customer..Just take that spell.. omg what a beautiful energy.. i was looking for a job in my field for over a year.. i said to myself if i don’t find anything by September i will do anything i find.. on august 1st i got the spell.. by 25th of august i got my dream job.. beautiful working environment and just the job i wanted.. i still cant believe the power and the assurance that the spirits and this spell gave me.. thank you so much ..

  3. To start this was my first experience ever. The owner communicated with me beautifully and I ended up choosing this spell. I completed my order around the very end of August. Today’s date is September 13, 2020 and im literally starting a new job tomorrow. I was laid of from my job. I had been miserable in it actually. I had been on 3 interviews and no call backs. I received an offer than had to turn it down due to unforseen requirements. Anyway it had been really difficult. The spell was completed on a Mon or Tues and by Friday I literally had 2 employers in my field call me back to back to set up interviews that Monday. Interviews went well but didn’t have a call back. I was not discouraged bc I knew it was working. Then the following week a friend of mine said they saw my resume and said I didnt need an interview. I know 2 other employees that I have worked with in the past and this is sort of like a dream team for me. Making more than i ever have. Keep in mind between the phone call, the 2nd interview with their boss a drug screen amd background check this all happened basically within the same week.
    Im a real person with a real experience. In less than 30 days from placing my order.
    The owner gave me some fantastic advice. Im extremely glad my boyfriend knew about the owner and recommended her. Im so happy. Its happened so quickly that it hasn’t hit me yet.
    Don’t hesitate. Just do this. You’ll be glad you did.

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