Color Therapy & In-Depth Color Reading


This two-in-one session utilises color therapy following the guidance of the color cards where your true colors shall be revealed.


The Color Cards will look deep in to your spirit and soul, connecting to the Astral Planes to color code your journey on any given life path.  Your personal Color Angel guides the process so that you will come through feeling totally refreshed and back on track again.

You will be led to the colors that will broaden your horizons, whatever you seek in life, and give you the opportunity to experience the real-world changes you desire.  You will discover the colors that will change perceptions for the better when seizing opportunities, such as with love and work, or when confronting life’s challenges be them in your heart or mind.

This therapeutic process includes psychic insight during which I shall use the color cards to channel guidance from the Angels and Spirits to address any questions or underlying issues that may influence this healing and alignment session.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about this psychic guidance and therapy session via the contact page.


  1. I have taken your advice, and have incorporated wearing the four colors that you suggested in the form of gemstones, on my person (in my pockets, or hidden in my clothing). While it is too early to feel anything different as a result of wearing the colours, I have taken your advice to heart, because I believe in your work. Again, thank you very much, and it continues to be a pleasure to deal with you and your assistance!

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