Coven Cast Multi-Purpose Spells with the Help of the Ancient Ones




These spells are worked with the help of really ancient spirits and deities who now reside in the outer regions of the astral planes. These deities can work powerful magic.

The list below shows some of the deities who can be petitioned on your behalf. They will be petitioned and the spell will be performed on your behalf, using secret and ancient invocations.

1. Spell for justice – working with the deity Suldonloow
2. Spell for peace/peaceful relationships – working with the deity Culowlow
3. Spell to calm angry situations, working with the deity Gerowloow
4. Spell for seduction working with the deities Jontenloow and Pantenloow
5. Spell for success working with the deity Zoreenloow
6. Spell for heightened psychic abilities and spirituality, working with the deity Xeenwowlow
7. Spell for acknowledging and using your shadow side working with the deity Hontangloow
8. Spell to bring light in to your life – working with the deity Keretallow
9. Spell working for health, vitality, good eating and anything to do with food habits with the deity Bannasatalow
10. Spell for getting refreshed and relaxed sleep with the deity Zetaranaloo
11. Spell for wealth, work and prosperity with the deity Iennanloo
12. Spell for fertility with the deity Vertabeloow
13. Spell for marriage and partnership with the deity Detaviloow
14. Spell for working with past lives and healing the past with the deity Messengelenow
15. Spell for working with your future lives and unlocking energy from your future to use today, with the deity Lerranngolow
16. Spell for pets, animals, birds, fish and other non-human creatures, working with the deity Seraltanlanloo
17. Spell for vitality and fitness working with the deity Oooloowlow
18. Spell for creativity and being artistic working with the deity Natataloow
19. Spell for beauty and shine – working with the deity Quuaaloow
20. Spell to generate new ideas – working with the deity Genetaloo

Please adjust the quantity as desired, depending on the number of rituals you are purchasing. You can specify your option(s) and include any notes either at checkout or via email, as preferred.


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