Custom Spell


Banish Negativity, Remove Obstacles, Achieve Desires, Create Harmony – Cast by Natural Witch and Highly Experienced Occultist


Drawing from a diverse combination of ancient energies, the wisdom of occult masters, and my own unique and highly effective interpretation of a vast selection of magickal workings, rituals and rites, this powerful spell is customised to your requirements.

For ‘everything else’, this spell is of your creation and imagination. If you have seen my other listings and require something different, be it specific or general, then my customised spell is your own specially prepared ritual to achieve your desires.

The casting works in tandem with your energies to allow the power created by the spell to fuse with your subconscious from where the casting will evolve and your desires manifest to become a reality.

Please include your full name and date of birth. Where others are involved, please include any of their personal details of which you are aware. Images may be submitted for inclusion where appropriate though are not essential to my work.

You are purchasing a spell that I will cast on your behalf. You will receive a digital file via email to confirm the casting of your spell.


  1. She has helped me in so many and accurate ways. Love you!

  2. Breathtaking results with the spells within a short. After what i have experienced i can only say that i bow in respect for your psychic powers and God given talent.

  3. There has been positive energy and peace as a result so far.

  4. Definitely is helping. Thanks

  5. It really works! Great energy and results! More to come and manifest with time but so far so great!?

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