Extra Powerful Light Of The Moon Two Night Spell




This spell works with all of the undulating and shifting energies surrounding the moon and the night. The spell is deep and multilayers, just like the hours of the night between dusk and dawn. This is a spell for complicated circumstances that need unravelling or are not straightforward. The spell does not need to follow the actual astrological phases of the moon but is performed at any time the moon can be seen. The spell is performed under the light of the mystic moon.

The Light of the Moon Two Night spell can help you find your way again after a phase of bad luck or setbacks and delays. The spell can also be used to find an answer to difficult situations, or when dealing with awkward or unresponsive people who are draining. The spell can also help uncover mysteries and find out what is really going on in a given situation. The spell can work to empower, energize and refresh a tired or weak aura. The spell can also be customized where necessary to fit individual needs because the moon energy is exceptionally powerful and responsive.


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