Extra Powerful Voodoo Doll Spells



In this ritual, Voodoo Dolls will be constructed and these will be ritually spelled to work on your behalf during coven ceremony – no physical item is supplied. The extremely powerful Voodoo Doll spells can be for a variety of things. These are as follows:

Spell One – Attack Enemies
Spell Two – Send Bad Luck To Enemies
Spell three – Bring Some Fast Luck
Spell Four – Bring Peace And Harmony
Spell Five – Kick that Curse Right Back To Sender
Spell Six – Remove Obstacles
Spell Seven – Good Health
Spell Eight – Bust That Stress
Spell Nine – Lucky Gambler
Spell Ten – Career Success
Spell Eleven – Be Beautiful And Be Admired By Others
Spell Twelve – Attract A Marriage or Special Partner
Spell Thirteen – Receive An Important Sign From The Spirits
Spell Fourteen – For Psychic Awakening And Psychic Abilities
Spell Fifteen – Revenge On A Bully
Spell Sixteen – Sort Your Life Out
Spell Seventeen – Remove Chaos And Disruption
Spell Eighteen – Don’t Break My Boundaries – Giver Me Some Personal Space
Spell Nineteen – Come Back
Spell Twenty – Extreme Protection
Spell Twenty One – Spirit Healing Ritual

Please state which spell(s) you want from the list and adjust quantity as desired. For convenience, you can specify the rituals and details in the order notes at checkout.

If you have a custom request, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


  1. I purchased Kick that Curse Right Back To Sender spell and it was the best decision I have made! For the past years, I had experienced extreme bad luck to the point that I had ridiculous occurrences of it. For example, my fairly new car’s battery dies in an enclosed parking space with it parked and everything off. After inspection, the mechanics concluded that there was nothing wrong with the car or the space. This is one example of many and definitely one of the mildest ones. I was later told that I may be cursed, so I reached out to the store owner by a referral.

    Immediately after the spell was performed, I felt so happy! Even before I received a confirmation of its completion, the day of felt as if I am fully breath again, confident and having a great power returned to me. I felt in control of my life. The store owner shared with me that upon completion of the spell, she saw black arrows plunged into back (obviously on a metaphysical way), which confirmed that there was something dark riding me down. So through the ritual, she had removed them and protected me from having them back again.

    Since then, not only I feel better, but events in my life have been lucky. Things I wish and intend happen so easily! I have improved my life materially, emotionally and psychologically like never before. I feel I am living my second life. Thank you for that!

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