Fifth Dimension Soul Retrieval Healing Three-Day Ritual



This Fifth Dimension Soul Retrieval Healing Ritual will help to make you whole again by collecting parts of your soul that have been left behind in the past or other areas of your life and repatriating these parts of your soul with your core soul. You will automatically get a feeling of being more ‘together’ ‘collected’ and complete. It is easy for parts of the soul to get left behind in the past – especially after traumatic events such as relationship break ups, divorce, moving home, career problems or career changes, being put under too much pressure, or not having your abilities fully recognized and feeling marginalized – these are just some examples, there are many more that Fifth Dimensional Soul Retrieval Healing can help.


  1. An absolutely extraordinary ritual this is. I purchased this ritual in combination with the Crystal Magnetism Life-Force Healing and the Theta Healing Wave Adjustment Five-Day Ritual to address a long-standing and repeat trauma caused by a very close person in my life.

    The special and unique energy of this ritual is that it repairs any damages one’s soul experiences and lifts any negative burden on it caused by traumatic events. I truly felt and continue to feel as if my soul and my psychic energetic reservoir have revived and are thriving harmoniously. I have been able to shake off any emotional attachment to the internal pain I had been caused and rise above any feelings of worthlessness and incompleteness. Before I felt I knew the directions I needed to take that would bring me fulfillment, but I also felt I was not quite ready. Before I felt trapped in the negative experiences with the person in question and anything positive in my life, this person stomped as if continuously taking away vital pieces from me that would ultimately help me grow on a physical and spiritual level. Ever since this spell, this person’s power over me has significantly subsided and I feel I am finally able to keep to myself and work with anything positive I receive and achieve and generate in my life. I feel I have all the pieces that my soul was missing in order to move forward and seek its fulfillment. I feel happy, healed and filled with an abundant physical and spiritual vitality.

    Green Eye offers a very unique remedy here to anyone who seeks to move past experiences that have locked one in one miserable state for a long time. She gave me the means to rise up and has revived not only my soul, but also my life. Thank you for that and everything else you do for me!

  2. I purchased this spell along with a few others to help me heal and gain a sense of purpose again. It has not been easy, but this spell certainly works! I have made more personal progress for the store holder’s spells than I did with various other healing modalities. This spell has led me to many hard but true realizations of people and circumstances which were holding me back and keeping me from being happy, my true self, and free. I am still a work in progress but the results have been amazing. Thank you again!

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