Five-Day Gang Stalking, Bullying & Hypnotic Psychic Attack Clearing Ritual




This unique ritual is to alter the dynamics of a challenging situation whereby you are being or feel oppressed by a group of individuals actively working against you.

Such circumstances may be present in your personal or professional life or indeed may blight your spiritual work and hamper your development. In its most negative forms it may have a severely debilitating effect on your physical and spiritual self as the constant encroachment of your personal and/or psychic boundaries takes its toll on your wellbeing.

This spell takes a multifaceted approach, severing the energetic links that such activity forms before cleansing, healing and fortifying you from soul level upwards.

The ritual brings you renewed life force, having you ‘fighting fit’ on all fronts whereas the accumulated negative energy is directed back to the earth to facilitate its purification.


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