Full Spectrum 15-Card Tarot Reading


This is a complete in-depth psychic reading in which I psychically attune to the energies surrounding your question as revealed to me through 15 tarot cards.



The psychic world is your oyster with this reading. Here, I work with the tarot to help you find your way and stay sure-footed down even the darkest and poorly lit paths. I will guide you towards illumination and clarity once more, bringing you a sense of self-assurance and peace of mind that will enable you to make the right choices for your ultimate good.

The reading could focus solely on a particular person or situation, such as a special relationship or your romantic outlook, your career path and goals, your financial prospects, life-changing opportunities and much more besides. Alternatively, you may like a general reading to cover all angles for a given period of time.

Within your reading, I will reveal my visions to you along with their meaning and relevance as my psychic interpretation of how events will unfold.

I am caring and compassionate whilst remaining to the point, delivering messages to you from Spirit that will both enlighten and guide you in any endeavour or situation of which you enquire.

For the reading, I politely request that you provide your name and date of birth together with your question or details of which area of your life you would like me to focus on.


  1. Thank you for my 15 card reading and describing each card and its meaning. Your insight and knowledge are always welcome and give me new light on the months to come.

  2. Found this reading very interesting.
    Hope everything comes to pass soon. I will definitely update it here.

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