Hawaiian Aumakua Ancestral Higher Self Spirit Spell




This spell is meticulously cast with the help of the ancient Hawaiian Spirits. In the Hawaiian Creation chant – The Kumulipo – the spirits arrive from above into the Universe via their own special puka or portal. The Hawaiians compare the subconscious mind to a fish and fish very often come under the rule of Ku, God of the subconscious. The land animals often come under the rule of Lono whilst birds which represent the Higher Self come under the jurisdiction of the God Kane.

This spell will deeply connect you to your Ancestral Self, your Higher Self and it will assist you to take back your very own power from wherever you may have left it in your journey through life, both this life and other lives, to give you the very deepest soul connection possible on earth. You will be rejuvenated, repatriated and re-empowered within your own personal soul sphere, creating endless possibilities for success and abundance for you on earth at the same time.


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