Hoodoo / Wicca Coven Cast Jar Spells for Raw Power Assistance



This incredibly potent offering delivers its power through two alternative streams depending on your request and the prevailing energy at the time of casting. Meticulously performed, both methods harness the ritual energy for your highest good and serve to encapsulate your desired ritual in a jar that will be re-consumed by nature. The current offerings are as follow, though please let me know if you have a custom request for consideration.

1. Jinx Breaker Jar
2. Hold Breaker Jar
3. Health and Well-being Boost Jar
4. Love Jar
5. Attract Abundance Jar
6. Work and Career Jar
7. Spirit Friend Jar

Please state which spell(s) you want from the list and adjust quantity as desired. For convenience, you can specify the rituals and details in the order notes at checkout.


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