Magickal Unpicking Spell



The Unpicking Spell literally unpicks situations that you want to be removed or that you want to alter or change. You may want to unpick something that has happened in your life or you may want to unpick a nuisance suitor, an outworn relationship/friendship or an outworn circumstance that you feel is holding you back or hampering you from getting on with your true life purpose.
Think of unpicking the hem of an article of clothing and seeing the cotton fraying and falling away as you work. The spell activates in exactly the same way. This spell can even help to unpick and unravel bad memories so that you are free to make good ones again or unpick the energies from toxic situations, or even unpick binding energies that may be around you. You may even want dark or shady energy unpicked from you or another’s clingy energy. The Powerful Magickal Unpicking Spell can be used in many different situations.


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