Mighty Druid Past Life Soul Repair Spirit Spell




Connect to the energies and powers of the Ancient Druids at the Deepest Soul Level

This mighty spell will help to cleanse the karma of past lives you have previously led. It will help to bring your soul back in to balance and harmony with the Eternal Mind of the Ancient Druidic Priesthood. The spell works heavily with ancient spirits to smooth and repair karma from past lives that could be having a detrimental effect on your current existence.

Unbeknown to you, very subtle negative or disruptive energies caused by build ups of past life unresolved karma may be working on you and holding you back. That includes the influence of spirits that have been attached to you in past times and may have carried on with you in to your current incarnation. These spirits and energies can cause illness, bad luck, carry curse energy, cause arguments and fights and all kinds of other trouble.

The Druid Ascended Master spirits will remove all of these bindings and set your soul and spirit free to travel your life course unfettered by circumstances of the past.