Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign Magick Rituals



The Hex Signs are actually German in origin, despite being called ‘Dutch’. Combined with powerful magickal forces in ritual spell work the energy from the working ensures strong and positive results.

The following Hex rituals are available:

1. Strength, courage and determination to reach all goals and remove stubborn blockages
2. Prosperity and abundance from all kinds of places and people
3. Drawing all kinds of new love and strengthening existing relationships
4. Mind changer – will work on changing a stubborn person’s mind
5. Happy Household – kicks out negativity and darkness
6. Help Someone Else ritual – helps someone else of your choice
7. Extreme protection of the guardian forces
8. Career booster – get noticed ritual
9. Feel beautiful and very worthy ritual

Please adjust the quantity as desired, depending on the number of rituals you are purchasing. You can specify your option(s) and include any notes either at checkout or via email, as preferred.


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