Points Of The Compass Tarot Reading


This is a concise psychic reading to explore your options and potential outcomes where a current situation or upcoming event is concerned as revealed to me through the tarot.



Here, four tarot cards are set around a compass to to reveal the prevailing energies and influences from all directions where your question or situation is concerned.

This reading covers all your basesĀ – north, south, east and west – to give a clear psychic picture of the path upon which you currently find yourself and is particularly suitableĀ for exploring immediate or short-term issues.

You may need to make a quick decision, want to know the likely outcome of an upcoming event or seek guidance on current relationship, financial or career matters.

I am caring and compassionate whilst remaining to the point, delivering messages to you from Spirit that will both enlighten and guide you in any endeavour or situation of which you enquire.

For the reading, I politely request that you provide your name and date of birth together with your question or details of which area of your life you would like me to focus on.


  1. Green Eye provided me with an incredible guidance and helped me move away from a year-long stale work situation. I purchased the reading as I needed some guidance whether my position at work would improve. I had been working very hard, getting little recognition. Any promises for support and advancement from my supervisors or clients were always taken back or delayed. I felt as if I was standing on one place. I was not sure what to do, getting hopeless. Not to mention my self esteem as a professional suffered even more.

    But Green Eye used this reading to bring some light to me as to why this is happening, and more importantly, she focused on what are my best actions forward. I thought I DIDN’T have any actions to more forward! Following her reading, I saw so many opportunities in front of me, particularly ones that I KNOW will bring me recognition and advancement. I was able to break away from this toxic work arrangement and my confidence has healed.

    Green Eye showed me a path when I thought I had reached the end. She helped me break away from people who kept me bound for their benefit. Now I feel free and eager to follow my path and chase my goals.

    I know I will be back to Green Eye when I am find myself on a crossroad because I know her only goal is to help, illuminate, support and guide. She is a phenomenally rare and most valuable soul. Thank you!

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