Powerful and Enchanting Coven Conjured Spirits of All Kinds




How would you like the opportunity to experience positive changes in your life by forming a close bond with a new companion?

Keeping a spirit is akin to meeting and forming a close friendship with someone in the physical world. As with physical friends, each spirit has it’s own unique qualities and abilities to inspire and empower you. They can also take on the form of guardian or spirit guide, depending on your personal circumstances and desires. As your relationship develops, so will the magnitude of their power.

All the spirits we work with come through entirely of their own freewill. Some popular entities are angels, watchers, khodams, volkhs, djinn, vampires, werewolves, animal familiar spirits, mermaids, aliens and many more besides. A suitable spirit will be brought through especially for you.

Some members of our coven, myself included, have been engaged in the art of spirit conjuring since the 1970’s. Every single spirit undergoes a ‘road-test’ by seasoned occultists to ensure it safe for family and pet friendly environments. We do not conjure evil entities or spirits intended for what may be considered harmful or negative purposes.

The spirit can be attached to a crystal, a bead, a stone or even you, should that be desired. Safe and simple instructions are included with your order.

Please specify a vessel preference in your order notes at checkout. Colors may vary.


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