Powerful Coven Cast ‘Reverse The Past’ Energy Clearing Ritual



This highly concentrated ritual is to help reverse the energies surrounding any incident or situation from your past that either carries regret or which you feel may have had an adverse effect on your life to date.

You may have a nagging feeling or suffer constant unease, have lingering doubts about how to move forward or overcome a specific event or situation or feel spiritually damaged and therefore compromised in your own pursuit of the life you desire.

This spell revisits this energy signature that currently surrounds you before fragmenting and dispersing the energy back to the Universe in neutral form. The process generates new positive energy to fill the void which is then brought back to the present and in doing so clears the anomaly from psychic radar and thus releases you from the shackles of constraint.

Given the way the ritual works, each situation or incident will require its own order, i.e. one spell covers any one set of circumstances and multiple issues will require multiple spells.


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