Powerful Love Spell


Find True Love, Bond with Your Soul-Mate, Turn Friends into Lovers, Reinvigorate Relationships – Cast by Natural Witch and Highly Experienced Occultist


Drawing from a diverse combination of ancient energies, the wisdom of occult masters, and my own unique and highly effective interpretation of a vast selection of magickal workings, rituals and rites, this powerful love spell leads you onto the path of true love or creates a lovers’ harmony in your existing relationships. Find your ideal lover, turn friends into sexual partners, attract your soul-mate or reinvigorate your relationship with the zest and romance of times past.

The casting works in tandem with your energies to allow the power created by the spell to fuse with your subconscious from where the casting will evolve and your desires manifest to become a reality.

Please include your full name and date of birth. Where others are involved, please include any of their personal details of which you are aware. Images may be submitted for inclusion where appropriate though are not essential to my work.

You are purchasing a spell that I will cast on your behalf. You will receive a digital file via email to confirm the casting of your spell.


  1. It worked fast! I see improvement in my relationship and my man. He reassures me that I don’t have to worry and is making me happy and he is patient. So far so good! I should have done this a long time ago.

  2. This IS powerful. I have a movement the day after the spell was done. Great stuff!

  3. What a powerful spell! The day she casted the spell, I just felt it even before she sent me an e-mail confirmation she has performed it. And things just started to happen. Within a week, I met someone special! The spell works impeccably, but you have to be very clear in your intentions, which I was. The store owner has such a powerful gift and such deeply caring nature! She picks up on everything you need, even the things that may hinder you. She customizes each spell to the individual so it works best for him or her. Communication with her is quick and so pleasant. I realize that sometimes I delve too deeply into my issues, but she is patient and always reading and taking into consideration all I share. If you are looking for someone to truly help you, trust me, you have found this someone in her! I thank the Universe every day for leading me to her. Green Eye Emporia is a blessed gift to all.

  4. I have purchased this spell if am not mistaken 2 times in a period of 3 years.. super satisfied.. the support was tremendous..my situation was messy and this spell helped me a lot both times to overcome the biggest obstacle at that time in my conflict regarding romantic relationship and intimacy

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