Psychic Danger And Attack Shield Spell



This very powerful Hoodoo spell cushions the recipient from psychic danger and psychic attacks. The spell acts as a barrier to reflect the psychic attacks and ill wishing back to their source and to protect the recipient of the spell from falling under the control of evil manipulative influences. It will enable you to weather the storm and hold your own under trying circumstances whilst the energy generated by the ritual fragments and disperses any concentrated malevolent force otherwise intended to knock you of track. This spell is suited to immediate and temporary issues, particularly where difficult people are concerned or where you may be forced to come into contact with those who typically mean you no good and who may hold a grudge.


  1. I turned to this ritual when I had Green Eye help me with connecting with my grandfather. She has been helping me detach from years-long negative spiritual influence that caused a lot of stagnation and fallouts in my life, so my grandfather was key in resolving my issue. But GreenEye correctly picked up on that negative energy being tied to him, so as a precaution before making contact, she performed this spell for me. After all, we were walking into this encounter blindly and didn’t know whether the negative energy came from my grandad or something else malevolent.

    Luckily, my grandad was actually trying to guard me rather than harm me. But once we discovered what was in fact behind my fallouts and began process of banishing it, this entity tried several times to attack me. This is where this ritual is invaluable. Three times so far this entity has attempted to strengthen its destructive power over me and in quite mean ways. But three times I was able to push it back precisely because I was protected. Each time an attack happened, it was unsuccessful because it simply couldn’t reach me emotionally and psychologically. These were the means this entity used to keep me in its captivity. When it attacked, I felt absolutely indifferent to its games and even during its last try, I witnessed it run off.

    Spiritual entities can be very creative when they wish to attack another being. Humans are especially susceptible because we have a consciousness that is like a goldmine for spirits to exploit. They would use fear, anxieties, insecurities, unfulfilled wishes and goals and even past trauma to get a psychic hold of our spirits, thus causing us numerous physical fallouts. This spell is extremely powerful to help one defend oneself from such attacks and even fight off and win over malevolent spirits. I even asked Green Eye to help me strengthen this shield and make it more permanent so I never again fall victim to such forces. Of course, she was happy to aid me with that, too.

    I feel stronger and more courageous than ever before. I have been able to establish a positive bond with my grandfather, who has solidified his role in my life as a spirit guide and guardian. I am no longer anxious or uncertain about my path forward and I know that whatever comes my way, I will be able to face it with all my power and goodness. Thank you Green Eye for the protection and for guiding me forward in safety and with so much care! You are one of the greatest blessings in my life.

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