Psychic Skulls Reading


This is a psychic skulls reading in which I psychically attune to the energies surrounding your question or situation as I cast a collection of miniature crystal skulls.



Here, I cast a collection of miniature crystal skulls, deciphering the intricacies of their patterns to provide guidance and psychic intuition on how best you may resolve or respond to current and upcoming challenges or situations in which you have a significant role to play.

The skulls have connections to the Ancients, the fountain of knowledge from Ancient Greece itself and they can set your life path straight, leading you towards happiness with renewed perspective and vigour.

This reading will guide you through difficult situations in both your personal and professional life. You will discover when to hold back, when to speak up and when to forge ahead. It is equally suited to love life and relationship concerns, career changes, home moves or financial matters.

I am caring and compassionate whilst remaining to the point, delivering messages to you from Spirit that will both enlighten and guide you in any endeavour or situation of which you enquire.

For the reading, I politely request that you provide your name and date of birth together with your question or details of which area of your life you would like me to focus on.


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