Psychic Spirit Scan


This psychic reading investigates the source of supernatural activity affecting you and your home.



You may already experience paranormal phenomena or have detected subtle atmospheric changes either around you or within your home that gives you the feeling that you are not alone.

Using an image of you or your home, I will psychically attune to the significant energies surrounding you, scanning for any paranormal anomalies as I do so and revealing any spirits seeking your attention or attempting to exert influence on you or your family.

This reading will provide additional intuitive guidance on how you can negate any unwanted influences and work towards restoring balance and harmony.

I am caring and compassionate whilst remaining to the point, delivering messages to you from Spirit that will both enlighten and guide you in any endeavour or situation of which you enquire.

For the reading, I politely request that you provide your name and date of birth together with an image of you and the affected area(s) of your home. Images can sent to the address on your order confirmation email.


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