Soul Spa Aura Wash – Detox & Healing


This omnipotent session combines ritual healing, energy healing and distance reiki to really make you feel bright and breezy again.  All the nasties get psychically blasted away once and for all.


Get yourself back in tip-top condition with a soul spa aura wash ritual that cleans and seals the aura and helps remove nuisance unbounds, ill-fortune, bad vibes and psychic attachments – a ritual to psychically realign you so that you may naturally reverberate in tune with the Universe instead of outside of it.

This powerful ritual also gives your very soul a good spring clean by making a pact with your personal spirit guardian which will be called up through magical workings and asked to oversee a proper protection plan.  Too many spirit guardians for one reason or another do not step up to the plate when needed and for these a wakeup call is necessary.

Whereas everyone has some karma to work through in their lives that they cannot avoid, no one is meant to be overpowered by negativity constantly. If this is happening then there is something wrong.

Even very happy and lucky people sometimes need a soul spa aura wash and aura cleanse as part of their personal spiritual maintenance – no one is immune to Astral interference.

I will include spiritual insight and practical guidance that will allow you to keep your etheric psychic body in optimal condition.  Feel fitter, stronger, more energetic and look more radiant with this powerful session.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about this cleansing and healing session via the contact page.


  1. Even from a distance she is able to hit the target through Spells & Healings.
    I just want to say that much more positive things happened that followed your prediction on your spells. My heartfelt thanks!

  2. Everything has just been so much better after this cleansing and healing , thank you so much!

  3. I feel so much better after this cleansing! I feel light, and overcome with love and positive feelings! I also feel that it has helped remove the negative vibes off of me, and I wish to remain in this feeling! Thank you so much for all of your help, you are much appreciated!

  4. It’s definately necessary when you have neverending jealousy and hatred towards you. It’s like taking a bath. We need it to get the stinky toxins off. I will be getting these spiritual baths more often.

  5. This service has been great and helpful. I decided to post review to express my sincere thanks.
    It has been not even a full month yet, and within this month I have experienced changes. From being very stressed out from work, I regained my appetite. I got more humorous also so it just seems like it brought me closer to being myself. I also moved forward with some other things and received a new work opportunity quite unexpectedly. There is possibly more to mention but it is way too early. I’m already pleased with small, daily improvements I have from it. This is already massive change for me. I don’t know what this service can do for others but it has high potential, judging by my own experience.

  6. I have been getting cleanses for awhile now and this is the first time I really felt good after it was done. Finally I found someone who is genuine and great at what she does!!!

  7. I recently purchased and it’s been my first cleansing. I really appreciate and love the fact that she very communicative throughout the whole process and she doesn’t leave in the dark. You know what’s going on, and she even lets u know what she picked up on during and it’s only been a couple of days since I got it but I already feel much more positive and myself. I wouldn’t mind getting another one in the future.

  8. I bought this service again early this year. Again it has been very helpful on many different levels. It is one of the best well spent $12 of my whole life, it brings me such a big difference.
    Over past year I have been quite unhappy in my new job and feeling very overworked. Most days I just wanted to quit as I wasn’t able to bear it any longer. Huge hours, on top of it, being only a contractor, and most times feeling like I am having the worse job experience of my life being taken advantage of by my employer and without any employee rights.
    I asked for this to be performed in Jan and she got back to me really quickly. Since she completed this service I feel like I am no longer on the edge of quitting. I also have a very strange feeling like time is passing slower so I can do more in 1 work day. The time aspect of it all is very, very strange, but I do feel like something change around time and pace. I also started smiling and laughing a bit, something I had not done in a very long time due to this job and atmosphere and my life from all this. I also organized myself around cooking. It is unimaginable but most days due to hours I am forced to work I do not have time for basic things like cooking or grocery shopping. Now I figured out a way to arrange my pre-cooked food ahead over the weekend. So far it feels very positive and just what I needed to fix my situation a bit. I am really convinced all these subtle, but noticable changes are results of this service.

  9. I contacted the store owner, asking for her help in overcoming a stagnating career. But what I didn’t tell her is that I also had felt I was overflowing with negativity and I wanted to get it out of me. I am generally a very positive person and have always radiated love and happiness into the world, but the past one year, I became cluttered with negativity and anxieties.

    Before she e-mailed me back, I had this lingering strong desire to do a mind/soul wash and I didn’t know about this service. Very shortly after that, I received a suggestion from her that I perform this spell before anything else. I was in awe! She picked up with such precision where the root of all my problems lay. She could read my energies so well that she just knew what needs to be done for me specifically! I almost cried with relief when I received her e-mail with her thoughtful suggestions on what spells I need to improve my life.

    Immediately after she performed the spell, I began seeing results! My communication and connection with people just skyrocketed. I feel calmer, more positive and stronger. People in my life are just happy to be around me and communicate with me as I am happy, too. I am able to better control myself when negativity is bestowed upon me or when I fell I want to react negatively. I just feel renewed with a stronger connection to the world and my guardians. I can see left and right how the world and my guardians are communicating with me, guiding me to make right choices even in the smallest situations. And they are ALWAYS the right choices. I feel I have just started on my true path in life!

    Finally, when you receive your confirmation of the spell performed, she tells you on anything she had picked on while performing it. I was amazed when she mentioned that I had blockages in my throat chakra (communications) and solar plexus (connecting with others and the world). This explained the changes I have began experiencing, but also explained my career development felt as if it was a very thick tar: moving so slow, almost unnoticeable. After all, the top requirements in my career are in fact communication and connection with others!! Since the spell, things have become to develop and I fell things will continue this course!

    This spell is one of the best decisions in my life. The store owner is one of the most caring and truly devoted people I have met! She is true a guardian, a friend and a guide! Such person is a rare gift to this world and to all the souls who seek their true paths in this lifetime. She is the protector from the darkness that surrounds us and tries to lead us astray.

  10. This was one of the best decisions of my life. I feel so refreshed and amazing after a long time. We tend to wear out after certain incidents in life and this goes on for years because it gets hard to get out of the crappy(excuse the language) mindset. We need a push to come out of this negative cocoon and look at life with a beautiful perspective. And as a strong believer of the law of attraction, I know the importance of thinking and speaking positive words.
    I am so happy with the soul spa and feel rejuvenated! Will definitely recommend anyone and everyone to do this!

  11. I have lots of toxic people around me. I had been carrying around lots of negative experiences and unwanted energies that don’t serve me anymore. I felt I really needed this.. After the ritual I feel so much lighter.

  12. This is long overdue but I had this performed sometime in the summer last year. One thing that particularly stuck in my mind was a small reading that came with the update on this service being performed. She told me she saw a couple of job opportunities which would be good for me. She did not know that I was at the time interviewing exactly for 2 roles.
    I have no idea how she knew it, or how she picked up on this, but I was in awe when she told me this in her message.

    I am a repeat customer when it comes for this service and I can testify that this service works. Every time I had it performed, I did feel a difference and it was bringing some restoration. For me, it is one of the best magickal services out there. Whoever does not believe, should begin from testing this.

  13. I’m so glad I had this done. I felt the difference the night before I was told about the spell being done. I feel lighter, more positive, and can handle stressful situations a whole lot better. I also learned a few things about myself from this being done as well. Very happy with this service.

  14. I have ordered this spell a few times and it always delivers! The first time I ordered this spell, I happened to come down with an illness which gave me stomach pains. It was very painful for about 3 days until on the 3rd evening, I suddenly, the pain lifted and I no longer felt sick. Instead, I felt happy and energetic. When I looked at my e-mail, I received an e-mail from the store holder confirming she had done the spell an hour prior. I was amazed! The second time I ordered, I was feeling pretty low and depressed about a personal situation. Again, I suddenly felt lighter, happier, as is that situation had never existed. It was a very wonderful feeling. Again, I looked at my e-mail, and found she had emailed me confirmation of the spell!

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