‘Sweet Delight Or Endless Night’ Luck Twister Spell



‘Some are born to sweet delight and some are born to endless night’, as the poem goes. This was even the subject of an Agatha Christie book called Endless Night which was also made in to a film.

This spell is a luck twister. Some people are terribly blocked and although they keep trying very hard, nothing ever seems to go their way and nothing they do ever works for them for very long. This is because they are born to ‘endless night’ and their predestined karma is along the path of darkness. They often seem immune to good luck and if they do have happiness they soon get knocked from their perch again. Nothing in their life quite works even though technically it should be perfect.

This spell is to help put right the condition of ‘endless night’ in someone’s life. Endless night people are hard to work with for the simple reason that there is a lot of resistance around them to stop them succeeding in many or all areas of their life.

This spell is here to break those barriers down and bring light and success through to those who feel that try as they might, something is not working in their life.


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