Theta Healing Wave Adjustment Five-Day Ritual



This Theta Wave Healing Five Day Ritual will totally re-balance and re-align your energies working with Theta Waves to bring harmony and peace. You may have felt out of synchronization with the rest of the universe and also discordant with those around you. This ritual helps you to push back negativity with the force of Theta Healing. You can fight your situations in a much more positive and rewarding way. Let the blue sky come back in to your life as the dark clouds roll away and see the world through different eyes. The Theta Wave Healing pushes back the night and allows the daylight to infiltrate every part of your core being.


  1. I turned to Green Eye with a long-standing issue that had just reached a tipping point. A very close person in my life had a strong negative effect over my life and I needed to finally put a stop to this. It was a very delicate matter because of my history with the person, but Green Eye took everything into careful consideration. In her interest to give me the best guidance, before she recommended how to proceed, she requested more information to better assess the core of the issue. Only then she recommended this ritual in combination with the Three-Day Soul Retrieval one.

    The effects of the rituals were immediate! Once she began them, I could immediately observe the energy shift in my life. My relationship with the person in question became much more harmonious, while I began feeling my more composed, in-control over my emotions and thoughts and simply unscarred from my past experiences. Ever since this ritual was completed, I have been feeling stronger and more in-sync with physical and spiritual world surrounding me. My intuition skyrocketed and my connection with my guides and guardians and spirit companions has been growing stronger. On a physical level, even people in my daily life – from ones I see everyday to ones I meet I encounter at random – have been treating me nothing but positivity, consideration and respect. Of course, this is based on how you present yourself and how you treat them. I am generally a very positive and grateful individual and where before people would dismiss it, now they accept it and reciprocate it. In other words, the energy of this ritual has helped me establish an ever-growing harmony in my life on physical and spiritual level and beyond the relationship I contacted Green Eye about, which I can foster and sustain easily.

    This ritual is truly special and an absolute must if you wish to find complete healing, regain strength and control and set on the path of living your most fulfilling spiritual and physical life. Thank you, Green Eye, for giving me the freedom and fostering my personal growth on such profound levels.

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