Very Powerful Rune Script Spells for Any and All Situations



The Runes can be used in magic to produce very powerful spells for both light and darker purposes. The Norse and Germanic Shamans used these over 1,000 years ago to grant them victory and success in all things.

The following Rune Spells are available:

1. Custom Rune Spell tailored to you
2. Love Rune Spell
3. Career Rune Spell
4. Success Rune Spell
5. Good Health Rune Spell
6. ‘Remove my enemy’ Rune spell
7. ‘Lift that dark cloud from over me’ Rune Spell
8. ‘Can I have a second chance’ Rune Spell
9. ‘Get out of my way!’ Rune Spell
10. ‘Get Ahead’ Rune spell
11. ‘Financial Help’ Rune Spell
12. ‘Peace and Happiness’ Rune Spell
13. ‘Take a gamble or Take a chance, Make my life better’ Rune Spell
14. ‘Clear me, so I can start again clean’ Rune Spell

Please state which spell(s) you want from the list and adjust quantity as desired. For convenience, you can specify the rituals and details in the order notes at checkout.


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